Wellcome Supermarket

Business Type: Supermarket
Location: Hong Kong
A/C or Refrigeration: A/C
Type:Packaged A/C units
# of Units:4


Evaluation Period

Four ECO3™ Single units were installed in August 2008 to optimize the compressors in Wellcome’s air conditioning units. Over a four week period, the ECO3™ Single units were switched between ON and OFF mode to gain comparative energy usage data. Smartcool’s standard energy and temperature logging system was used to collect the data, which was compiled into a clear and concise report for Wellcome.

Project Description

The ECO3™ trial installation took place in one of Wellcome’s small supermarkets. Four Coolmatic packaged units supply the air conditioning for the entire store, each using one Copeland compressor. The load on the air conditioning system is increased by the humidity in Hong Kong and the supermarket’s open doorways, making energy efficiency a key concern and cost saving measure.


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